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2024 SPRING COLLECTIONTime to sail out

Sail well out in the wind, nurture a dream.
New journey continues to where wind blows
with following my heart.
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a journey to find NEW ME The sun and the moon, moring and night, things that remain the same no matter where you are.

VIDEOGRAPHER_Takanobu Watanabe
STYLIST_Shotaro Yamaguchi (eight peace)
HAIR_KENSHIN (Epo Hair Studio)
MAKEUP_Asami Taguchi (home agency)
MODELS_Maria Sosa(Donna), Lu Hongfei(TOMORROW TOKYO)

PHOTOGRAPHER_Kodai Ikemitsu(bNm)
STYLIST_Kayo Yoshida
HAIR & MAKEUP_Taeko Suda
MODEL_Freya Lawrence (Tokyo Rebels, Inc.)

DIRECTION_Lula Japan Limited.
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